Wood-craftsmanship is one of our focuses. We have world-class carpenters that will be able to design, assemble, and refinish any of our client’s wooden items. As a woodworking company, we are able to take our clients’ wishes and transform them into tangible products. As masters of yacht carpentry, you can be assured that your requests will be fulfilled with attention to detail in mind.

A custom-designed table set is the ultimate way to customize your dining room, living room, or outdoor patio. Custom design is a benefit to you because it is crafted to your exact wishes. That means if you would like a table to be bigger in order to handle large dinner parties, or a compact table to accompany patio furniture, we can help create that for you.

If you are interested in our custom yacht carpentry services, browse our photo gallery. Here, you will find pictures of past products we have successfully completed. And, if you are interested in our services for your own vessel, feel free to contact us. We have representatives ready to answer any of your questions.