Refinishing is an important process for custom design and carpentry. In order to get a stunning finish on our wooden products, wood-craftsmen need to refine them before giving them to clients. In our workshop, we have the space and resources to refinish hundreds — even thousands — of products for our clients. By refinishing each of our handcrafted, wooden products, this can allow each piece to show off our designs, while also displaying a brilliant, protective finish.

At Dennis Boatworks, not only can we guarantee the quality of our custom products, but the quality of our finishes. Each crafted item is able to give off that unmistakable shine.

As yacht craftsmen, we believe, that quality and presentation are essential. Our business is able to produce quality pieces because we value precision and craft above all else. Though we are able to complete our projects quickly, and to the wishes of our clients, we don’t sacrifice the quality of our product during our building process. If you are looking for a yacht carpentry business to enhance the aesthetics of your yacht and give it a new sense of elegance, Dennis Boatworks can help. Contact our custom carpentry business today.