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Quality marine carpentry is hard to find. Carpentry requires a level of skill, precision, focus, and efficiency that many other companies can’t keep up with. At Dennis Boatworks, we value our work and pride ourselves on the craftsmanship we are able to produce for our clients. We stay humble about our brand, but show our prowess through the quality-level of our work.

Carpentry can be a complex practice to master, but once this skill is harnessed, there are very few limits for what you can do. Master carpenters at Dennis Boatworks are able to take your vessel and craft anything from cabinets, bookshelves, kitchen islands, and couches to even inventive storage compartments. Because yachts can require so much cargo, having a carpenter who can find ways to safely and creatively store your items can be a huge benefit to you.

Whether you are looking to improve the aesthetic of your yacht or you need a customized storage solution, a master craftsman and his crew can make that happen. Our craftsmen at Dennis Boatworks can build structures within your vessel, to your exact wishes. Our custom yacht carpentry business is happy to take on new clients, and we look forward to creating something beautiful for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.