Custom Yacht Carpentry in Fort Lauderdale

At Dennis Boatworks, we take pride in offering a level of craftsmanship that will ensure every detail remains beautiful and sturdy for years to come. From custom cabinets in the kitchen to tables on the deck to hardware mounts, we strive to create pieces and furniture that match the style of the boat and exceed your expectations. Whatever you are looking to accomplish on your yacht, whether it’s a large or small project, our team has the technical skill, knowledge, tools, and experience to ensure it’s completed with perfection. Overall, we love what we do and can assure you that every client we work with will receive the same level of passion and enthusiasm.

What to Expect From Dennis Boatworks

Our team of marine carpenters approach each project with fresh eyes, always providing custom services that are based on your needs, the design and style of the boat, and your end goals. If you have a unique problem that requires a creative solution, Dennis Boatworks is the team who will get it done right, without compromises, and on time.

Dennis Boatworks has a team of carpenters who understands the level of attention to detail that is needed and the level of craftsmanship that is required to accomplish a beautifully finished project. We have decades of experience working on marine vessels and understand the complexities of certain projects. From the initial consultation to the last finishing touches, we can assure you that our priority is doing what it takes to ensure that everything is perfect.

Choosing The Wood

Whether you want new custom marine cabinets, need to refinish the yacht’s deck, or need a new gunwale installed, the type of wood that is chosen can determine the overall quality and look of the project. Even though there are many boats made with plastic or composite materials, for yachts that strive to achieve a certain caliber, wood is the only option. Dennis Boatworks offers a variety of wood types, including teak, oak, and a variety of exotic veneers.

For decks or other exterior surfaces, hardwoods that are dense and durable are essential. Dense woods contain a natural oil that enables them to be incredibly moisture resistant and offer a beautiful shine that is unparalleled. As yacht carpentry experts, we know what to look for to ensure that it is a high-quality wood that will resist scratches, fading, and that the color matches the existing wood on the vessel. For interior projects like bookshelves, wine cabinets, or kitchen cabinets, it comes down to choosing a wood that matches the existing style or wood and finishing it to ensure a long-lasting product.

When we purchase wood for any type of project, we look for the right texture, sweep in the grain, color, and aesthetics. After years of working in the custom marine carpentry business, we have established relationships with wood suppliers that provide us with the highest-quality oak and teak wood for your projects. The woodworkers at Dennis Boatworks are highly trained and skilled, capable of working with and finishing any type of wood so that there is a seamless look and feel to any completed project.