Name three things that boat captains are tasked with transporting: Wine, Lobster, Champagne.

Have you ever thought about how you can add some extra space to your boat? Or, are you looking to get more storage in your yacht? Whether it’s a long voyage or a short tour to get some glimpse of the marine life, it is essential to stock up some supplies needed for the ride. So what is a better way than building hidden compartments in your boat?

How Carpenter Build Hidden Compartments

Take an existing piece of furniture. Modify it to fit on a boat; removing any jutting edges – ensuring it sticks in the boat. And then having a hidden shelf or faux molding. A marine craftsman should be able to operate within these confines and produce a quality piece of furniture that lasts for decades.
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Considerations before Construction

Before the work begins, consider the following.

The type of boat – the style of the boat will determine the kind of hidden compartment to be constructed.
The size of the boat – the smaller the boat, the smaller the hidden compartment, while the bigger the boat, you can build bigger enclosures.
The space available – the space available in the boat matters when constructing hidden compartments. Some boats are big but have limited space to work with because of the manufacturer’s design.
Design of the furniture – what kind of design do you want the yacht carpenter to build? The plan will determine the set of yacht carpentry in Broward county skills and the cost.
The average weight of the frequently stored stuff – what do you want to keep in the hidden compartments? If you have heavy goods, then the position and design of the compartments will have to be durable to sustain the weight.

Factors that Affect the Carpentry Construction Process

Some of the factors that will affect hidden compartment construction on boat include:

The materials to use for building the compartments
The tools and equipment for the procedure
Set of skills to deploy in the construction
Labor costs
Finishing, Polish, Wax (if needed)

The Procedure for Constructing Hidden Compartments

The right approach for hidden compartment construction on boat involves the following steps. This is for the Do It Yourselfer.

Get all your equipment and wear your safety gear.
Assess the condition of your boat. Do any necessary pre checking before you begin the process.
Clear off any structures that will hinder the procedure.
Take all the measurements of the space you are working on to determine your hidden compartment design dimensions.
Cut your material into the different outlines to come up with the other parts of the compartments.
Try to align the structure with testing your measurements and seeing the possible outcome.
Make any adjustments and clear any errors.
Start assembling the different parts. It is essential to leave out any doors that involve compatibility during the fitting process.
Mount the compartment in the required space and test if the fitting is perfect.
Fit the hinges and assembly the doors (if present) to complete the compartment.
Do the edge finishing to make them safer and avoid accidents.
Paint the compartment to your preferred color.
Clear and clean your working space.
Store your stuff.

Benefits of Hidden Compartments

Besides the hidden compartment construction on the boat, let’s consider pointing out some of the benefits of having these hidden compartments. Some of the things to enjoy include

Extra Storage. Secret compartments offer boaters with different storage spaces where they can put multiple things. You can store the tools, fishing equipment, diving gear, emergency kits, and much more in these compartments.
Ease to Access. Hidden compartments offer easy to access because they resemble cabinets and drawers. You can easily open one in a selected corner, take it out, or put it in what you want. They are strategically built in to allow easy access to your stuff.
Convenient. Unlike storage boxes, secret compartments are suitable to store your things. They are well-positioned, well-fitted, professionally constructed, and built with the best materials. They can also hold up a lot of stuff at the same time. Moreover, they are meant to give boats a balance since heavy loads can easily be distributed in different compartments.
Saves Space. Hidden compartment construction on the boat will save on space since you won’t have to buy any storage containers and boxes to keep your accessories and equipment. They are also neat and big enough.
Ideal for Precious Possessions. Upon request, you can tell your yacht carpenter to install special locks on the hidden compartments to store your money or jewelry.

Unaccounted for space can always be used. Just be aware that Coast Guard and other maritime law agencies traverse international waters and are always looking to catch someone. But if you’re using them to store legitimate items – then why should you not use every square inch of available real estate on your boat?

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