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We get these questions all the time.

“How long does a Fort Lauderdale marine carpentry job typically take?”

The general answer is, “It depends.”

“It depends” is usually a frustrating answer, (but that’s the one our lawyer advised us upon). Many factors come into play here, such as the complexity of the project, the amount of times the Dennis Boatworks team needs to be on the boat taking measurements, and the coordination of advanced projects with other boat repair persons including electricians, crew members, and yachtsmen. If we are waiting for another separate team, (say an electrician doing an AV installation – installing a Smart TV), and the electrical lines and wiring hasn’t been set up yet, then the job could, naturally, take longer to complete. Boats and yachts are always tightly quartered, so we’re used to working in tight spaces; but when you have to “rub elbows” with other repairmen on the boat, it can make the process longer. This is why we’ll usually request that our team be allowed exclusive access to the boat for as long as it takes our master craftsman [usually a few hours (a morning or an afternoon)] to take initial measurements & templates. For more complex projects, (where the craftsman will need to come in multiple times) additional access may be required. Your mileage may vary. Be in touch with your project manager and clearly discuss any of these issues. We want to coordinate everything between the boat owner, (or boat captain), the dock, and the repair team to ensure as easy and seamless a process as possible.

The best-case-scenario answer is “a few weeks.”

It takes our master craftsmen a few weeks to create the piece in our workshop. Oftentimes, (especially with an elaborate custom piece) we need to order the wood and supplies ahead of time and wait for them to arrive.

Give about 1 day for templates.

Give about 3 weeks to 5 weeks in the shop for fabrication.

Give about 1 day for installation.

How many days will your staff need to be on my boat?

The best-case-scenario answer is “two (2) days.”

One day for templates; one day for installation. Below is a picture of our team installing a BBQ grill countertop.


Does my boat need to be on a dry dock when installations are taking place?

Dry docks are expensive! (For those unfamiliar, the purpose of the dry dock is to raise the boat or yacht out of the water in order to allow mechanics, fiberglass/gelcoat boatbuilders time to inspect the damage on the underbelly of a yacht). If the boat was in the water, it would be difficult to spot these changes. With most projects you can have your boat in the wet dock. When talking about tables, counter tops, refinishing on decks and furniture, and cabinetry/custom furniture [like ]  yes, our staff can complete these projects when the boat is docked in a wet dock; that is, we do not need a dry dock to complete carpentry projects like cabinetry and custom furniture (i.e. staircases, book shelves, fling cabinets, suede shelving, & wine storage).

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