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Odd, isn’t it? At a time when people have been constrained by lock-downs, there has been quite a lot of activity on this country’s waterways. This is no less pronounced than in Broward County. It is a great time to get out and enjoy cruising on your yacht, but is your yacht up to the task? Our master carpenters at Dennis Boatworks are available to customize anything made from wood (or fiberglass) on your ship.

We typically take templates on day 1, work for a few weeks in our shop to assemble the item (it could be a new countertop, table, or nightstand), and then load and install the item in one day.

Yacht Carpenter Fort Lauderdale Intercoastal

Since every boat is different, our expert carpenters customize marine carpentry and refinishing services. We understand the boat captains and charter crew who sail into a Fort Lauderdale marina or Miami marina more often only have a short-lived yard period to effect repairs on vessels of 35-foot or greater.

Whether the need is for a Miami boat carpenter or Fort Lauderdale boat repair, our well-trained technicians are experts who work quickly, dedicated to handling each task with precision and unmatched craftsmanship. Once we take measurements, we draft the design in a day and have the items crafted and built in about a month. Installation only takes one more day. What a moment for a big reveal!

We Know How to Capitalize on Your Yacht Space

Clearly, space on a yacht is at a premium. The most efficient utilization of that space makes every part of your vessel prime real estate, so to speak. You are, after all, recreating all the luxuries of home for your own pleasure and comfort and to provide impeccable amenities for your passengers. The design of the vessel must satisfy the mode of travel on the water making the economy of space the nature of the beast. This is where Dennis Boatworks comes in.

Our yacht carpentry in Broward county specializes in customizing the design to make the utmost of the space available, whether that means we update furniture on boat, create custom wood furniture, or even get into the hull, replacing damaged balsa or chipped fiberglass coating. It may be a challenge to imagine how you could accommodate the necessary conveniences of storage, cabinetry, furniture, ample and comfortable seating for all passengers but we can get done.

We Provide the Finishing Work Your Yacht Deserves

Our customers want the exterior and exterior of their boats to harmonize a balance  of utility and aesthetic style. Our accomplished Miami boat carpenter team are experts at installing bed frames, nightstands and hidden TV panels that blend into your boat’s existing construct.

Some vessels need flooring or decking repairs that seamlessly blend in. Others may need the entire deck finished or refinished. Whether it is an interior galley or an exterior barbecue and cook’s island, counters, tables, desks, teak decking chairs, instrument panels, bookshelves or anything else that can be made out of wood, we are ready and available to assist you.

Let Us Fulfill Your Vision

If you are looking to upgrade selected aspects of your vessel or you need an entire custom yacht carpentry project completed, Dennis Boatworks is dedicated to fulfilling what the clients envision. Our Fort Lauderdale boat repair specialists work closely with owners, captains, project managers, interior designers or management companies to optimize projected timelines and cost.

A Bit About Our Logistics

We are fully covered for liability, Workman’s Compensation and Longshoreman insurance and certified for port entry into Port Everglades, Port of Miami and all boatyards and marinas. Our convenient location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, provides for easy access whether it is to Miami marina, Broward or West Palm marinas.

Dennis Boatworks Inc. was founded by Dennis Page over a decade ago bringing over three decades of experience in custom cabinetry and carpentry. A tour of the state-of-the-art workshop will reveal the finest gathering of carvers, artisans and repairmen working with dedication for the unique benefit of our highly esteemed clients.

Visit us and see how it is possible to create the look throughout your yacht that is the epitome of yacht carpentry. From the finery of detailed hand rails to the craftsmanship that adds character while enhancing your personal style, we are the skilled team of technicians equipped to produce the results that deliver an exceptional level of luxury.

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