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A Marine BBQ Island

People love to gather for a meal and a beverage.

Make your yacht the number one place people love to party with an outdoor kitchen and patio that is as exquisite as the company you keep. What is the most important amenity?


The BBQ, otherwise known as Barbecue in Latin (just kidding), is the central hub around which your friends will gather. Perhaps for a succulent steak or rack of ribs. Perhaps for a corn on the cob. Perhaps to close a business deal. The BBQ pit is where the meals (and the deals) get made. ((More on that later)).

Psychological Research That Shows Humans Enjoy Eating And Socializing
Contrary to Corona-virus best practices, humans enjoy socializing up close.

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When we are full after a meal, our dopamine goes up and our cortisol go down.

We tend to smile more. And also become more agreeable. We’re no lawyer (we’re just a carpenter – one of the best wood carpenters in Fort Lauderdale) so we can’t explicitly guarantee that your next business deal over a char broiled fire pit won’t end in a successful close… but we can guarantee that the smell of hickory, the delicious smoke in the air, and the comfortably seductive quality of your outdoor patio furniture will get him thinking.

And while your compatriot is downing his 3rd margarita, (thankful to be invited on a cruise down the Inter-coastal with you), he just may decide to close that deal you’ve been so eager for. That, ladies, and gentlemen, is good sailing.

Again, we’re not a lawyer licensed by the Florida Bar, but we do know that doing business at the bar can lead to a closed sale.

Types of BBQs

There are two types of BBQ’s, Permanent and Detachable. Permanent BBQ pits stay in place, and are surrounded in an island comprising of cabinets, drawers, sinks, coolers, protected by a tabletop slab. These slabs are made of granite, marble, decton, or other materials that can resist salt water corrosion. Permanent BBQs need charcoal (or firewood), or propane to run.

Grills generally come in two different form factors; the circular and the rectangular. The amount of square inches a grill has is the primary factor. How many people are you bringing? How long does it take you to cook a meal? Plan accordingly. Other factors to consider are accessories like a second heating rack, portability, and the four heating forms, #1 gas, #2 charcoal, #3 electric, #4 infrared.

Mountable and portable marine BBQs are smaller in size and have to be removed from their kitchen island stand. Some boats have an enclosure which protects the grill; thereby not needing removal.  ((Speak with an expert carpenter at Dennis Boatworks to see if we can create a custom job for you)).

Best BBQ Grill Brands

A 2020 report from Marine lists the Top 20 Boat Grills for 2020. These are trusted by sea boat captains and cooks alike.


Fire Risk 🔥🔥🔥

The risk of fire is high as well as damage to the boat. With large BBQs that stay in place, try not to make the fire too high/large.With small BBQs that are portable, try, if possible, to hook them jutting away from the boat; that way if a piece of kindling was to fall, it would fall down into the ocean.

With small portable BBQs, models exist where the kindling falls down into the ocean.


Outdoor Furniture & Counter Tops

Transform a boring deck into a dining destination with an outdoor kitchen and outdoor patio coupling. What are some of the best weather-resistant materials to use in counter-tops? What are some of the best fabrics to protect, drape, and decorate your couches, ottomans, and sitting area?

Take a look at our Gallery of Counter Tops and decide for yourself.

Top Cabinet Makers For Boats in Fort Lauderdale

Below is a list of resources if you’re searching for cabinet makers in Fort Lauderdale.

– Best 30 Cabinet Makers in Fort Lauderdale – Yellow Pages
– Top 10 Best Carpenters in Fort Lauderdale FL – Angie’s List
– Best 15 Cabinetry and Cabinet Makers in Fort Lauderdale, FL – Houzz

Boat Furniture Pro Tips

Pro Tip: #1: On Countertops. When choosing granite for an exterior countertop, stick with a lighter color as the darker colors will fade when the sun hits them too frequently. When purchasing an outdoor kitchens and outdoor patios look into fully enclosed cabinetry. Fully enclosed models don’t let in water.

Pro Tip #2: On Drawers. Use multiple drawer based options if you have need for a larger space. And use the cabinets and drawers to conveniently store cooking utensils immediately adjacent to your grill or side burner.


Boating. Yachting. Sailing. Whatever you call it, it’s about enjoying it with friends.

Florida is hot. So you will need materials that stand up to intense heat. If your boat is 1 to 2 years old, call on a Fort Lauderdale carpenter to inspect your BBQ pit, outdoor furniture, and countertops – and provide you with the Do It Yourself advice needed to maintain your appliances, wood, furniture, and stone slabs. Gain ample protection for years to come and do not compromise the integrity of your boat. Because you (and your friends) deserve furniture that you can pass on for generations.

So run your Covid-19 Coronavirus test swab, check everyone that gets onboard, and enjoy your cruise down the Inter Coastal!

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