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Types of Boat Furniture

Boat carpentry is not as straightforward as many land-lubbers would have you believe. Many things must be considered in boat carpentry – and boat furniture is no exception. And determining the kind of furniture you want on your boat, well, there is even more to consider. The weight limit on the boat is one of the most important factors when choosing boat furniture due to the safety risks, but it is also critical to think about whether or not assembly (which will almost always have to take place on the boat) is required for the furniture, what the shipping times are, ease of use of the piece, comfort level, and, of course, the style of the pieces should also be taken into consideration.
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What is the “Vibe” you want to create?

What is the vibe or mood you want to create? Types of furniture on a boat show off what the owner prioritizes; for example, extremely comfy lounges show that you like to unwind whereas a nice large table can exemplify hospitality and how much you enjoy having company over to share a meal. A sleek design can showcase your love of minimalism. Just as an ostentatious style invites awe and wonder. Different types of boat furniture have different ideal balances of these factors.


Sofas come in all shapes and sizes, these you could have as an intimate love seat or a roomy, inclusive marine sectional, which is specifically designed for use on a boat. Obviously, the larger option with the higher comfort level will come with more weight and will most likely need to be assembled on the boat itself. And, of course, it will need to balance other pieces of furniture on board.

Tables & Dinettes

Smaller, lighter table options include things like dinettes, some of which fold to create extra space when necessary, whereas heavier options have enough room for everyone and are sure to stay put. The ease of use is much higher in the built in option, but having the flexibility of the dinette, along with less weight onboard, is tempting.

Helm Chair

The helm chair is one piece you certainly don’t want to forget – there are cozy options that include cup holders and even seats that adjust the height to your liking. Weight of the helm chair is fairly even across the board and is therefore less of a factor to take into consideration when choosing one.

Marine Recliner

A sturdy marine recliner is another seat you’ll want on your ship, there are styles reminiscent of a La-Z-Boy available as well as more modern designs with just as much comfort to be had. Speaking of modern – salon seating is another piece of furniture that has a welcome place on any vessel. It comes in many colors and, like most boat seating, includes storage under the seats for your convenience. For this piece, the weight consideration will be for everything that is going in it! Specialty salon seating is flexible too – it can be put in around a table, creating a lovely dining space for you and your guests, or can be left open for a more conversational feel. Or, another piece of on-board furniture can come into play here: the ottoman.


The Ottoman, named so after the Ottoman Empire, provides extra room for storage, adds very little weight to the boat, and can, of course, be found in many styles from cozy to solid to modern. The ottoman also provides a place to kick your feet up, letting you lean back to really enjoy the air. The furniture in place on your vessel create the experience you want to have on it. In some cases, just the storage space can provide peace of mind and hold whatever you need to stay dry. These furniture types just scratch the surface – have you ever considered including a hidden room or compartment on your ship? Others have done it and enjoyed them to their fullest potential – as private bars or even viewing spaces of the water.


Custom cabinets and aesthetic builds on the inside of the boat convey the mood you are bringing onto the ship and show your passengers who you are and the space they have entered clearly. Implementing furniture on your boat is functional, it’s practical, but it’s also fun and personal. Choose pieces that show who you are and what you want out of your boat, and your boat will do the talking for you.


Here are all the types of furniture one sees on a boat.

Sofas/Beds, Tables, Dinettes, Barrel Chairs, Helm Chairs, Marine Recliners, Stationary Chairs, Marine Sectionals, J Lounges, Marine Sofas, Specialty Salon Seating, Incliners and Ottomans.

Who is Dennis Boatworks?

We are a carpenter serving yachts in Fort Lauderdale; We work to install panels, furniture, decking, and interior design materials on yachts. No matter your interior decor style, or favorite type of furniture style, we can customize around your needs. Contact us if you have repairs and custom furniture constructed.

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