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Water Damage on a Boat

When you are the proud owner of a beautiful seafaring boat or yacht, few things could be more distressing than seeing your sturdy vessel being damaged by invading moisture. An important aspect of boat maintenance is making sure that your vessel is protected against such an eventuality. But the strongest precautions sometimes tend to fail.

If that happens and your boat does sustain moisture damage, call Dennis Boatworks to repair the water damage on your boat.

How can your boat suffer water damage?

Boats that are built with the sturdiest materials and best construction methods, and also blessed with the most stringent maintenance measures, are not completely immune to water damage. Water damage on boat can stem from a few different reasons.

– Boat air conditioning leak is a common cause of water damage on yacht or a boat. There is more than one way your boat’s air-conditioning system can develop a leak. When the warm air in the boat comes into contact with the cool coils, condensation produces water droplets that get collected in drip pans just below. If the drip pan is cracked or clogged, the water can overflow.

– Pipes drain the condensation water out of the unit. If these pipes are not insulated properly with quality sealant, or if they are losing their insulation, the pipes will sweat. This will lead to leaky air-conditioning.

– A broken or punctured hull is also a leading cause of moisture damage. Floating debris or collisions can lead to the outer hull of your boat getting damaged and being unable to protect your vessel from water that will start to seep in. Your boat getting tossed around in a hurricane while it is moored in the marina could be one such scenario that could lead to severe hull damage.

– Boats can have leaky roofs and decks too. The roof and deck of a boat are typically made of several different units attached together with screws. They are made up of frames, joints, insulating layers, supports, and so on. Where any two elements are attached together, there is a chance of leakage there.

External items are also attached to the roof or to a deck, like a chimney, an antenna, or a handrail. Any of these joints could spring a leak. So could the joints where the sides of the boat join the roof or where windows are attached to the sides of the boat. Leaky decks can cause water damage below deck.

Such leaks are mainly caused from rain water seeping through old screw holes, too many screw holes, seams, fittings, cracks, gaps, failing sealant and other factors.

What can water damage do to your boat?

Water can damage your boat decks and interiors either visibly or sneakily. The parts of your boat that could be susceptible are:

– Damaged upholstery: Yachts are primarily used for recreational sailing, long marine trips or parties while moored at the dock. For these purposes, the interiors tend to be plush with upholstery for that cozy and comfortable feel. Floor carpeting, deck carpeting, sofas and wall upholstery are some examples. All of them could be ruined by water damage that could cause mildew and discoloration. Such damage is unpleasant and could also become harmful to your health.

– Warped and bubbling wood: When the leaks penetrate wood over a significant period of time, they can cause warping and bubbling of the wood. If this damage occurs in the hull, the structural integrity of the boat can be compromised. If it occurs on the deck or roof of the boat, it may be more of a question of aesthetics, but will still need to be repaired or replaced.

– Stained interiors: Walls and roofs of the boat can develop ugly brown stains due to the leak and could eventually cause mold.

How can Dennis Boatworks help?

At Dennis Boatworks, we specialize in outfitting your boat through expert craftsmanship. Our well-trained and experienced craftsmen will help you reverse the unwanted effects of water damage on your boat.
We offer a wide range of carpentry services to repair or replace damaged deck flooring, roofs or cabinetry.
With painstaking and professional methods, we will perform finishing and veneering to protect your boat from future water damage.
We can replace your wood decks or interiors with alternate materials like acrylic, PVC or other synthetic choices that are more water-resistant.

We offer structural services and complete refits for extensively damaged parts of your boat or if you are simply in the mood for a complete remodel.

We can fit your boat with custom cabinets, hidden rooms, hidden compartments, collapsible and expandable storage lockers.
We can offer you space maximization on your interior and carry out all this through aesthetic design.

You can call us anytime and we will repair water damage to your Fort Lauderdale yacht. We serve the Broward area, and can be called upon for custom jobs in Miami-dade, and Palm Beach counties.

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