A large yacht with VSAT sattelite
The Connected Superyacht

Charts, a compass, and the stars were early navigational instruments for The Sport of Kings. A connected superyacht now uses the most advanced technologies in the world. Global positioning, artificial intelligence, real-time analytics is just some of the IoT (Internet of Things) yacht.

Breakthroughs in marine electronics are finally here.

Internet of Things Connected Yacht

Connected boat technology is the intelligent networking of sensors and devices located throughout the yacht. These IoT peripherals, collect, and deliver data to any connected device. Yacht owners can communicate and monitor individual systems and specific operations, via cloud-based applications. Anywhere in the world!

Remote monitoring of their yacht is a captivating technology for yacht owners. Smartphone connected yachts can monitor core functions such as fire alarms, battery voltage, and intruder alarms, even with the most basic application. Plenty of young high-tech companies actively pursue these advanced technologies.

Smartphone Connected Yacht

Smartphone technology for yacht and boat owners is snowballing, with no signs of slowing down. The NEW! DigitalYacht website is just starting to feature advanced technology iPhone and PC apps. As an example, The Smarter Track Express can turn a Windows notebook into a full-featured marine navigation system.

The smartphone is not just for cool gadgets and apps; it is one of the best safety features a yacht owner can have. Siren Marine features a tracking and control mechanism that monitors a host of onboard systems. Add sensors to increase functionality of the system.

Garmin features one of the most advanced and fun smartphone apps available. ActiveCaptain combines a community of about 250,000 members and social media to make yachting an exciting and enjoyable experience. Want to know the top-rated marinas on the east coast for a July 4th weekend, head there for a real-time answer.

How Are Advanced Technologies Added To a Yacht?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Yachting Capital Of The World, is home to some of the finest yacht builders across the globe. Yacht carpentry Fort Lauderdale is a fast-growing industry in this Florida region, specializing in custom installation work of advanced marine electronics.

Yacht captains often want to have finishing touches added to their boat, which makes it unique and a more comfortable environment. The professionals at Dennis BoatWorks is a Fort Lauderdale yacht carpenter unmatched in the region. There is no custom carpentry work the company cannot provide to a yacht owner.

Sailing In The Internet Age

The art of sailing is centuries old, dating back to the 16th century. The internet has revolutionized anyone remotely connected to the sport, work, or engagement of sailing. The impact of this digital life has changed so many dimensions to the emotional and intellectual experience.


  • Sailing and Yacht navigation is perhaps the most profound advancement to the joy of sailing and yachting. GPS technologies are part of a satellite system that can tell the boat captain exact positioning and weather conditions anywhere on earth. Comprehensive onboard networks are paired with advanced multifunction displays, radars, and GPS systems for a complete picture of positioning and weather.
  • Internet onboard gives everyone the joy of sailing while connected to friends, family, and the rest of the world. Adding Wi-fi to your sailing vessel is becoming an increasingly important consideration for all captains and crew. Options are emerging from budget mounted antennas to advanced, and no holds barred, systems that equal any land-based operation.
  • Turn to Dennis Boatworks for any custom install solutions and ideas. The broad spectrum of experience and connections throughout the Fort Lauderdale sailing industry gives the company unmatched consideration for your next project.

Smartphone Connected Boat

The computing power of an average smartphone is so much more potent than systems just a few years ago. This computing power is now in the hands of anyone in the sailing or yachting industry that needs a gee-whiz technology device to brighten their digital life.

Smart boat technology is all about staying connected. Boatbuilders are now constructing advanced electronics into their products to make life much easier on the water.


Smartphone apps let crew or captain monitor any system onboard any size vessel. Connected solutions are growing, and the smartphone is at the heart of this revolution.


New players to the boating and yachting industry are coming on board every day, and Boatrax is leading the advance. The small high technology company places a small black box in the helm of your vessel that will monitor every vital system from engine temps to fuel burn. Each statistic is sent to a specialized smartphone app made available to anyone authorized for access anywhere in the world.


People want their boats to operate and connect like cars. NMEA or National Marine Electronics Association is making these revolutionary changes happen throughout the industry. Some of the standards are so new; processes have not been set.

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