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Gone are the days where kitchens only served a functional purpose and looks didn’t matter. Modern interior design makes it so that kitchens, whether in homes or on boats, must be equally functional and beautiful. On yachts where space is limited, achieving this balance can be particularly challenging.  

Fortunately, Dennis Boatworks in Fort Lauderdale has years of experience providing high-quality custom yacht carpentry and renovation. Our emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail has led to us becoming experts on the major benefits of remodeling a yacht kitchen. 

kitchen countertop marble sink oven fruit bowl yacht cherry oak pears in the fruit bowl
Marble Counter Tops for Your Custom Designed Kitchen

Style and Function

As we mentioned, the ideal yacht kitchen is one that perfectly blends style with functionality. While your yacht kitchen might be smaller than your kitchen at home, there’s no need to sacrifice the necessary storage. At Dennis Boatworks, our custom yacht carpenters are experts in creating creative storage solutions whether that includes shelving, cabinetry, or even wine storage. The key to maximizing your available space is to customize storage solutions that fit perfectly. 

With the functional storage elements in your yacht kitchen, there is no need to sacrifice beautiful interior design. Your custom yacht carpenter can help you choose the best woods, finishes, and other materials that ensure the pieces in your kitchen are pleasing to the eye. 

wine cabinetry
wine cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry

One of the major benefits of remodeling your yacht kitchen is the addition of custom cabinetry. As we’ve discussed, storage is crucial on a yacht. You and your family’s needs, as well as the layout of the kitchen, are all unique elements that can only be targeted with customized solutions. At Dennis Boatworks, we have spent years creating custom cabinetry and storage for yachts that not only look great but perfectly address your storage needs as well. No matter the design that you have in mind, Dennis Boatworks is sure to leave you satisfied with your kitchen storage solutions. 

filing cabinet furniture design from Dennis Boatworks
filing cabinet furniture design from Dennis Boatworks

Custom Countertops

Cabinetry and storage are not the only challenges that come with the unique size and shape of your yacht kitchen. You will also need countertops that are equally beautiful and designed to fit the space. At Dennis Boatworks, we can customize a wide array of products and materials to fit your space perfectly. This means that you can have kitchen countertops that match the unique beauty of your new kitchen cabinets. They can be designed to provide the food preparation space that you need while also displaying a beautiful material. 

Contact Dennis Boatworks Today

Ultimately, whether at home or on a yacht, the kitchen is an essential part of your living space. It’s crucial that you can enjoy this space to the fullest without sacrificing either function or beauty. Custom yacht carpentry services are the best way to guarantee that your space is original and perfectly meets your needs and wants. From countertops to cabinets, a good yacht carpenter can customize pieces and materials to create the yacht kitchen of your dreams. If you are interested in remodeling your yacht kitchen or have any additional questions, contact the professional crew at Dennis Boatworks today. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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