yacht boat boookshelf cherry oak laquered laquired wood bed bedroom

Whether you own or charter a boat, a yacht should feel like a home away from home. Your yacht should feel special, comfortable, and original. Achieving this often means taking your boat to the next level with custom yacht carpentry. Custom pieces and small details can make a huge difference in both the function and appearance of your yacht.

To achieve the exact look and feel that you want, you will need custom yacht carpentry services. Luckily, Dennis Boatworks in Fort Lauderdale provides exactly the skilled and reliable yacht carpentry service you need. 

You may be wondering where to start when customizing your yacht. With our many years of experience, the folks at Dennis Boatworks have some suggestions. 

Cabinetry, Furniture, and Custom Tables

Cabinetry and furniture are often the elements of your yacht that make it feel like a home. These pieces are functional, but should also be beautiful and match your personal style. With custom yacht carpentry, you can take these pieces beyond functional storage. Whether you need seating areas, beds with storage, kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, custom-made pieces can be made to match your exact preferences. Custom tables can provide a space for you and your family or guests to gather and spend time with one another. No two people have the same wants or needs, so our carpenters use their skills and years of experience to create unique interior designs.

triangle tables and couch on back of yacht in a marina
triangle tables and couch on back of yacht in a marina

Custom Woodworking

Most yachts feature a lot of wood elements, including decks, furniture, walls, storage, and more. With the help of an experienced yacht carpenter, these elements of a yacht can be easily customized. These customizations can be small details, designs, or patterns that make the difference in your carpentry project. Our team can add character and personal style to your yacht’s wood elements with quality custom woodworking.

An image of a custom made circular dining booth by Dennis Boatworks.
Lounge Wooden Table Custom Crafted

Custom Storage

The need for good storage on yachts is undeniable. Even with large boats, space can be very limited and having enough storage can create unique challenges. With the help of a custom yacht carpenter, you can include storage elements on your yacht that are both functional and beautiful. For example, custom bookshelves can create storage space as well as a nice finishing touch for your interior design. Another common storage need for yachts is wine storage. This requires customized solutions, due to the temperature requirements that come with wine storage. With custom yacht carpentry, you can store wine in a way that is both functional and fits your overall style.  

An image of a Dennis Boatworks employee sanding wood.
An image of a Dennis Boatworks employee sanding wood

Refinishing and Repairs

Sometimes, the most effective way to improve the appearance of your yacht is to refinish or repair what’s already there. Refinishing a wood deck or railing can allow you to maintain the history of a yacht and restore its beauty at the same time. Similarly, with teak decking repair services, you can restore the strength, durability, and brilliant color of a teak deck. If you are working with a skilled and experienced yacht carpenter like Dennis Boatworks, repairs and restorations can be done to seamlessly blend with the rest of the woodwork.  

An image of a master crafter polishing a custom wood table made by Dennis Boatworks.
Refinishing Touches for Luxury Yachts and Boats

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With expert services from Dennis Boatworks, you can achieve any of these customizations and bring your yacht to a new level of beauty and functionality. Paired with years of experience, the crew at Dennis Boatworks also offers the priceless benefit of reliable, timely, and professional carpentry. Custom yacht carpentry is our specialization, and we are passionate about providing above-and-beyond services for every client. If you have any questions about our custom yacht carpentry services, contact our professional team at Dennis Boatworks today. 

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