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Happy Holidays From The Team

We would like to thank each and every one of our readers, everyone who has supported us since our inception, taken the time to sit down with us for an interview and worked with us to help create the world’s definitive luxury yachting and lifestyle portal.

There are simply far too many people to mention, so the lack of specificity is an intentional effort; however if you’re reading this now – we’re talking about you.

We’ll be announcing some very exciting new initiatives next year and we can’t wait to keep you up to date with the incredible news we’re expecting to see in 2015.

From everyone here at the Team, we wish you a healthy and happy Holiday Season and we look forward to speaking to you all again in the New Year.

Starting Top Left Moving Clockwise From Back Line: David Rigler (Photographer), Joey Soden (Lead Stand Builder), Richard Fernandes (Production Manager), Ben Roberts (Editor-in-Chief), David Booth (Events Director), Guido Maresca (Programmer), Jen Thompson (Set Designer/Builder), Richard Gray (Senior Account Manager), Richard Harker (Creative Director), Fergus Backhouse (Accounts Manager), Mátyás Timár (Videographer), Gabor Vad (Designer), Paul Joseph (Luxury Editor), Stanislav Vasilev (Programmer), Miklos Izso (Camera Man), Mia Asher (Make-Up Artist) Gabor Nagy (Sound Engineer), Mate Fuchs (Camera Man).

Photo Gallery:

  • The Team at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show

Eve Ng On The 2014 Hainan Rendez-Vous & Future Growth

Held in the city of Sanya in the Chinese province of Hainan, the event was hosted for the fifth year in a row last March and is believed to be an important step forward in the history of the show.

We sat down with Eve Ng, Managing Director of the Hainan Visun Rendez-Vous, at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show to find out her thoughts on the most recent instalment and how she feels the event is evolving.

“For Hainan Rendez-Vous 2014 we are satisfied … with good quantity and quality of visitors, but we are still a young show so we still have room for further improvement.

“Our team is full of energy, creativity, long term vision and commitment. We will do all our best to bring the show to another level year by year.”

She continued: “The first edition of Hainan Rendez-Vous was launched in 2010. It is set to be an annual gathering of Chinese elite from top luxury brands from all over the world, ranging from yacht manufacturers, business jets, lifestyle brands like watches and jewellery, fashions, supercars, wine and gourmet, art pieces and so on.

“It is also set to be a platform for industry leaders sharing experiences with each other together to promote the yachting lifestyle and business aviation in China – one of the most potential up-and-coming markets." 

For more information on the growth of the Hainan Visun Rendez-Vous, watch the above video with Eve Ng.

Photo Gallery:

  • Eve Ng On The 2014 Hainan Rendez-Vous &  Future Growth
  • Eve Ng On The 2014 Hainan Rendez-Vous &  Future Growth
  • Eve Ng On The 2014 Hainan Rendez-Vous &  Future Growth
  • Eve Ng On The 2014 Hainan Rendez-Vous &  Future Growth
  • Eve Ng On The 2014 Hainan Rendez-Vous &  Future Growth

Princess Yachts Offer A Closer Look Into The M Class

Sweeping window lines and shaped bulwarks enhance the level of light and space across the main deck with the full beam master stateroom benefiting from uninterrupted vistas of the most breath-taking surroundings.

The Princess Design Studio has created a sophisticated and contemporary interior concept across the main deck master with a unique reverse cabin layout – a rarity on a 30 metre yacht and the first for the M Class range.

An integrated breakfast area is neatly positioned beneath the window with hand-crafted leather panelled cabinetry opposite. The stateroom is bathed in natural light which pours in from the wide sweeping windows and expansive skylight.

A generous en suite complements the master with a walk-in shower, twin sinks and granite or marble finish.

Photo Gallery:

  • Princess Yachts Offer  A Closer Look Into The M Class
  • Princess Yachts Offer  A Closer Look Into The M Class
  • Princess Yachts Offer  A Closer Look Into The M Class
  • Princess Yachts Offer  A Closer Look Into The M Class

Steelhead Marine Launch “Optimised” Passerelle for Superyachts

Featuring custom-designed collapsible space-saving handrail systems built entirely in-house at their Vancouver, BC facility, Steelhead’s passerelles are available in Single, Double, and Triple stage configurations.

“Passerelles are not elaborate equipment, they are simple means of boarding and disembarking a vessel. However, in the superyacht world everything must appear stylish and aesthetically pleasing, while still performing a critical function in a reliable manner,” says Dave Marsden, General Manager at Steelhead Marine.

With this in mind, we took our existing product back to engineering and performed a diligent DFM (Design for Manufacture) process that engaged the entire team at Steelhead in improving function and aesthetics, while reducing cost.

“A newly refined and optimized model with improvements in function and aesthetics was introduced to the yachting world at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale Boat show.”

"Steelhead Marine’s products are distributed all over the world and used by yacht owners, yacht builders, distributors and service centres.

The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show took place from October 30th – November 3rd.

To read more about Steelhead Marine, as well as view a corporate video on the company from our 2014 Pacific Northwest Destination Guide, click here

Photo Gallery:

  • Steelhead Marine Launch “Optimised” Passerelle for Superyachts
  • Steelhead Marine Launch “Optimised” Passerelle for Superyachts

The Visun Group On Meeting Demand With Infrastructure

What levels of demand for berths existed when the marina went into production?
“As the first yacht club in Hainan, Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club devotes itself to developing clubs in the yacht industry. There were 72 berths in the first stage in 2008, when there were even not many yachts in Hainan. Now, ever since the International Tourism Island Policy was established, the yacht industry in Hainan has developed by leaps and bounds. Now, there are around 180 perennial yachts at Visun’s marina and the number of berth at Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club has increased to 275 while Stage 3 Marina is under construction and will be put into service in the near future.”

How has that demand increased since the first Hainan Rendez-Vous to the 2014 show?
“Since the 1st Hainan Rendez-Vous in 2010, we found that the demand for super yachts berths is growing significantly. The number of super yachts participating in the exhibition has increased from 1 to 7 and it’s still growing. Now the strategy of Stage 2 and 3 Marina has been adjusted to have more large berths, which will satisfy the demand of superyacht exhibitors at the Hainan Rendez-Vous.”

Do you see demand continuing to increase over the years?
“According to the increase from 60 to 130 in the number of yachts at the Hainan Rendez-Vous, we can see the number keeps growing in these years. Meanwhile, the demand of yacht booths in 2015 Hainan Rendez-Vous is also exceeding the supply. A lot of yacht brands who have never been in China before started their business in Asia through Hainan Rendez-Vous.”

Do you have any plans to expand the marina and the surrounding area?
“Right now, Stage 3 Marine is under construction and when it completes, there will be 600 berths in total at Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club. In addition, a yacht club house at the west coast and a marina museum are also part of our plan. It is pointed out in 2012 by government leaders that in order to accelerate the development of Sanya port, the construction of marinas and ports should be considered as leading elements that will promote the development and utilization of the sea, river and even the resources off the coast. In this way, led by the yacht industry, Sanya port will be a high-end area of tourism, culture and business. We believe that Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club and Sanya port will be an excellent milestone in the development of Sanya City.”

How are you planning to expand and build in the future?
“Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club is planning to have 600 berths in total and now size limit of yachts at Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club is 161 foot. In recent years, The Visun group has already singed the contracts to build yacht clubs in Wenchang, Shenzhen, and Xiamen, etc. The members of Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club will actually enjoy the rights of seasonal yacht vocations.”

How does the Hainan Rendez-Vous benefit local area demand for yacht berths and yachts?
“Hainan Rendez-Vous has always been attracting lot of public attention since 2010. Both quality and quantity of the exhibitors are increasing during the past years. Now the top 5 yacht groups in the world are all frequent exhibitors. Five years ago, before Hainan Rendez-Vous was established, there were less than 10 yacht brands in Sanya. Now, 95% of yacht brands around the world have come to Sanya to expand their market in China. They even have their own exclusive stores at the marinas in Sanya. Thanks to Hainan Rendez-Vous, now Chinese customers are able to get their dream yachts locally while the yacht industry in China has been motivated and become booming in this way.”

Photo Gallery:

  • The Visun Group On Meeting Demand With Infrastructure
  • The Visun Group On Meeting Demand With Infrastructure
  • The Visun Group On Meeting Demand With Infrastructure
  • The Visun Group On Meeting Demand With Infrastructure
  • The Visun Group On Meeting Demand With Infrastructure
  • The Visun Group On Meeting Demand With Infrastructure

Benetti Launches Superyacht Formosa

The steel and aluminium super yacht, whose exterior styling and lines were all drawn in house at Benetti, has five decks, a beam of 10.6 meters and a total volume of 1,060 gross tons.

The interior layout and design of the guest's area were created by the Sinot Design Studio, in close collaboration with the owner. The layout is articulated in five suites for up to ten guests, and sets aside one whole deck for the owner's apartments. The captain plus a crew of 14 is available to see to all the guest's needs.

The FB255 Formosa, which is powered by twin MTU 12V4000 M53 engines, developing 1,380 kwh at 1,800 rpm, the FB255 has a maximum speed of 16 knots, with a cruising speed of 15 knots. At the fuel saving speed of 12 knots, her range is 5,000 nautical miles.

Photo Gallery:

  • Benetti Launches Superyacht Formosa

CRN Reveal Two New Yacht Projects With Paszkowski Design

While drawing inspiration from and maintaining a family feeling with the 61m motor yacht Saramour, the first superyacht built by CRN in cooperation with Mr Paszkowski, these new 72m and 80m yachts can rely on much larger volumes and introduce innovative architectural solutions.

"The Saramour was our first opportunity to cooperate with a prestigious shipyard like CRN and was a drive for us to jointly develop new, innovative ideas”, says Francesco Paszkowski. "These two projects are a natural evolution of the stylistic features of their 61m predecessor and the result of a deep analysis and an extensive research aimed at finding the perfect balance between outdoor and interior spaces".

The relationship with the surrounding elements - air and water - is a key feature in these yachts' concept, which has been turned into reality by creating terraces overlooking the sea, outdoor swimming pools, wide glazed surfaces and, obviously, a spacious beach club (a distinctive element on CRN yachts) - all aiming at ensuring direct contact with the sea.

In a nutshell, the design philosophy that lies behind the creation of the two new superyachts is based upon three founding principles: increasingly slender lines that result a very light silhouette; rounded shapes making the yacht generally more compact; and an extensive use of linear glazed surfaces as well as see-through balconies, which stylishly eliminate any barriers between the yacht and the water, air, nature.

"We are currently working on many new projects. With these two by Francesco Paszkowski, in particular, CRN is aiming to prove once more its flexibility and constant focus on aesthetic, functional, and technical innovation", concludes CRN's Chairman and CEO Lamberto Tacoli. “Together with Francesco we therefore want to widen CRN’s offer in terms of design, with projects that will turn into timeless superyachts characterised by huge interior volumes, which will be immediately recognisable across the globe".

The 72 m CRN Project
This fully-custom, steel and aluminium 72m long and 12.50m wide vessel develops over 6 decks and includes 5 VIP cabins and a whole apartment for the Owner, with a terrace and a private swimming pool or - as an alternative – developing over two levels.

This 72m project flawlessly blends together the rounded shapes of decks and the more linear and square ones of the glazed surfaces. Huge areas have been reserved for on board socialization and relaxation, as proven by a number of dining areas, an entertainment area on the upper deck, a gym, a sauna, and a massage room for guests.

The 80m CRN Project
This fully-custom, steel and aluminium 80.10m long and 13.50m wide yacht develops over 6 decks and includes 5 VIP cabins, all arranged on the main deck, and a whole apartment for the Owner on the upper deck, featuring a business area, a gym, and a massage room.

This 80m project stands out in particular for the very large aft area and focuses on the guests' well-being, featuring three outdoor swimming pools and a wide beach club. The latter comes in several possible versions, including one with a tropical garden – the final goal always being a closer contact with nature.

Photo Gallery:

  • CRN Reveal Two New Yacht Projects With Paszkowski Design

Ed Sacks On The Legacy And Future Of Baglietto

Baglietto is one of the oldest shipyards in Italy, and after Mr Beniamino Gavio purchased the La Spezia facility in 2012, the Baglietto Group is going through a phase of renewed change thanks to a surge in energy from the management structure.

With a passionate and forward-thinking owner, Ed Sacks explains to us how he was brought on board and what exciting new movements the yard is undergoing.

“[Beniamino Gavio] has already invested over 35 million euro," explains Ed Sacks, "and I think that he aspires each time he goes to La Spezia to have more stuff going on. I think that Beniamino aspires to acquire all real estate between La Spezia and Genoa – at least it seems that way some times – we’ve just delivered our first boat from the new Baglietto. We have four yachts under construction, until a month ago it was five […] You asked me what the difference is and it’s Beniamino Gavio.”

The projects underway at Baglietto are a 46m sistership to the yard’s latest delivery, a 54m displacement yacht under construction which is sold, a 40m Fast which is sold and a 46m Fast. The Italian yard has also begun cutting steel and after the first part of 2015 will begin looking at a 62 metre.

The history of Baglietto is a more of a legend than chronological list of yachts, with yachts built for every kind of owner - from the Pope to Peter Sellers – as well as aircraft for the Italian military. This Italian yard is waiting to christen their 160th year anniversary and will undoubtedly continue onward with renewed strength thanks to their tour de force of board members all the way down to skilled craftsmen.

Photo Gallery:

  • Ed Sacks On The Legacy And Future Of The Baglietto Group

Ferretti Custom Line Series to Debut Next Summer

A project that has conquered the market even before making its debut Ferretti Custom Line, a brand of the Ferretti Group specialising in the production of fibreglass planing and semi-displacement maxi yachts between 28 and 38 metres in length, is introducing the Custom Line 108’.

The new project, which is part of the planing line, will make its debut next summer and is the heir of its successful 100-foot predecessor, which was largely appreciated all over the world, as proven by the 14 models sold in only three years. The Ferretti Group teams involved in the development of this new project were able to conceive an even sportier and outstandingly stylish yacht, characterized by large volumes, sophisticated and fully-customizable interiors, and state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Stefano De Vivo, Ferretti Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, enthusiastically underlines the value of the new project: "We have perfected an already winning product, implementing on this new 108 - footer - among other things - the extraordinary innovations that were presented during the autumn boat shows, such as the patented Dual Mode Transom system and the VOTIS infotainment system. And our choice has been immediately endorsed by the market: two hulls have indeed already been sold (in Europe, by the way), bearing witness to the fact that difficulties can be overcome by betting on world-class quality. The quality offered by Custom Line for the last 20 years. Over the next few months we intend to widen our new-customer base as much as possible and we hope reap the benefits of our work next summer, when the 108' will officially make its debut".

The new maxi yacht is the outcome of the cooperation between the research and development AYT&D Department and design firm Zuccon International Project. It is characterized by much larger volumes than the model it draws inspiration from, which has de facto been further improved and completed: the overall length has been increased to 32.95 metres (108 ft./1 in.) and the beam is 7.25 metres (23 ft./9 in.), resulting in over one square metre more on the main deck and the flybridge. The aft area has been enlarged thanks to the installation of the Dual Mode Transom (DMT), Ferretti Group’s revolutionary patented electrical-hydraulic system, which allows it to open the aft door both upwards and downwards.

In this way, a float-in garage fitting an over-5 metre tender and a jet ski, a submersible transom, and a beach club reaching almost 15 sq. metres can be integrated into one single system. This innovative solution, which was presented for the first time last September on the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 is the result of the cooperation between AYT&D, and the Group's technological partners, Centro Stile Srl and Besenzoni Spa.

The Custom Line 108’ immediately strikes the eye for its slender, stylish profile. It’s streamlined, sober and extremely balanced lines have been reinterpreted making the most of its predecessor’s most successful features. On the main deck the superstructure and the glazed surfaces have been restyled, thereby highlighting even more the visual impact of the glazing at the height of the raised pilot house.

The restyling has also involved the large glazing in the wide body master stateroom, which looks like the tip of an arrow, strengthening the sporty character of this yacht and offering a unique view, as well as ensuring unprecedented natural interior brightness. The hull windows of the 4 VIP cabins have also been widened, and for the first time they come in a rectangular shape: they are now more than 1.45 sq. metres large, have no fibreglass frame and are completed by a flush glued double porthole, an exclusive solution by Amare Group for the Ferretti Group. The extension of the aft area has been combined with a restyled flybridge ‘tail’, whose design has been harmonised with the door inclination.

Photo Gallery:

  • Ferretti Custom Line Series to Debut Next Summer

Perini Navi's 70m Project Sybaris Prepares For Launch

Designed in-house by the Perini Navi Technical and Design office, Sybaris is a remarkable project with naval architecture consultation and sail plan optimisation from Philippe Briand assuring her sailing prowess.

With an aluminium hull and superstructure, Sybaris will offer the finest experience under sail. Her rig is carbon-fibre with 2 Rondal masts (measuring 72 and 62m height), hosting a total sail plan of more than 3000sqm. The centreboard keel has variable draft that goes from 4.54 to 11.74m. The 2 carbon-fibre Cockwells tenders are 7m long - one of which is a limo tender – and recessed below deck forward along with the 4.5m rescue tender.

Sybaris has many new features that put her a step ahead in the design and engineering of large sailing yachts, among which the latest innovations on the sail handling system and the new electrical generation system. Both are aspects developed with the specific aim of improving the overall operational efficiency and performance under sail.

The North Sail 3DL wardrobe includes: reacher 1070m², jib 635m², main 770m², mizzen 570m². For Sail Handling Control, the impressive Sailing system features the newest generation of Perini Navi captive winches and furlers.

Sybaris is equipped with carbon fibre spars and Carbo-Link rigging, again, provided by Rondal. She will feature a comprehensive Rig Load Monitoring System that through a series of strain gauges constantly detects the loads acting on the rig components. Cutting edge systems and platforms are the speciality of Perini Navi Group, and Sybaris is no exception to the rule.

Perini Navi has continuously developed its machinery and accommodation installation techniques to minimize noise and vibration levels. Using techniques installed on the 60m Seahawk, noise and vibration takes a huge reduction; ensuring the comfort of those on board entirely.

The exceptional advantage of Silent Running modes together with Peak and Trough Shaving during generator operations allow for unparalleled efficiency as well as reduced emissions.

The Class-Approved lithium polymer batteries located in the vessel bilges – in an easily accessible location for maintenance and replacement – provide a total power of 136 kW/h with a recharge time of less than 1 hour. This allows for zero energy waste, lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, higher systems quality, lower maintenance, lower weight and easier delivery of high quality and clean DC electrical power.

Furthermore power distribution via a DC Bus allows for renewable energy sources or increased battery capacity to be added as additional generating capacity at a later date. Compact permanent magnet generator-ends allow for higher efficiency and longer life cycle.

As a further development of the electrical distribution system, Perini Navi engineers have worked hard at rationalizing the system architecture to reduce the lengths of wiring runs. With some 100+ km of cable laid in a typical vessel of this size, this efficiency is of great importance.

Speaking of comfort on board, the amazing main deck of Sybaris features a vast 30m long guest area (from the aft cockpit to the wheelhouse), with a 4m wide sliding door allowing easy communication from the spacious cockpit to the main saloon. The panoramic view from the majestic main saloon it is not interrupted by any structural pillar and the newly designed windows allow uninterrupted views of the sea, and prodigious quantities of natural light on board.

The interiors are by PH Design, US based designers who were hand-picked by the Owner to design and execute Sybaris’ outstanding interior. Each piece of furniture is custom-designed and the overall concept epitomises the luxurious contemporary allure of Sybaris. The designers’ use of extremely high quality materials including titanium both structurally and artistically concurs to create the unique style of this yacht.

Photo Gallery:

  • Perini Navi's 70m Project Sybaris Prepares For Launch

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