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Seattle’s First Port of Call

With the city landscape dominated by the iconic Space Needle, dramatic glass skyscrapers and sporting temples, the approach from the Puget Sound towards Port of Seattle’s three marinas is something to behold.

It is this combination of scenic vistas, ultra-convenient location for both Seattle itself and regional attractions, along with highly professional service that ensures the government-owned marinas are the first port of call for so many yachts arriving in the city.

Furthermore, a nearby airport also run by Port of Seattle caters for private jets, adding to the appeal for high net-worth visitors.

To read the full article on Port of Seattle, published in our Pacific Northwest Destination Guide, click here

Photo Gallery:

  • Seattle’s First Port of Call
  • Seattle’s First Port of Call
  • Seattle’s First Port of Call
  • Seattle’s First Port of Call
  • Seattle’s First Port of Call

Delta Marine: A True Measure of Innovation

After a prolific period in which 800 were built, the Seattle-based yard made the transition to building high-quality custom yachts in the mid 1980s – and they have not looked back.

Built by skilled craftsmen in Seattle, Delta Marine’s yachts are perfect for those who dream of experiencing the unbridled beauty and adventure of the Pacific Northwest, or exploring the world in both style and comfort.

Indeed, their expedition yachts in particular blend perfectly with the rugged nature of the region.

To read the full article on Delta Marine, published in our Pacific Northwest Destination Guide in Yachts International, click here.

Photo Gallery:

  • Delta Marine: A True Measure of Innovation
  • Delta Marine: A True Measure of Innovation
  • Delta Marine: A True Measure of Innovation
  • Delta Marine: A True Measure of Innovation
  • Delta Marine: A True Measure of Innovation

Westport Yachts: Leaders in Production

The oldest continuously operating yacht builder in the Pacific Northwest, Westport was a pioneer in the use o composite materials and, to date, has completed more than 140 yachts and dozens of commercial vessels.

Westport operates shipyards in three different locations in the State of Washington. Each specialised location – Port Angeles, Hoquiam and Westport – is dedicated to building on or two of the models in the company’s line-up, which today ranges from 26-50 metres.

In addition, the company owns and operates an 80,000-square-foot architectural plant in Port Angeles and a sales and services centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

To read the full article on Westport, published in our Pacific Northwest Destination Guide in Yachts International, click here.

Photo Gallery:

  • Westport Yachts: Leaders in Production
  • Westport Yachts: Leaders in Production
  • Westport Yachts: Leaders in Production
  • Westport Yachts: Leaders in Production
  • Westport Yachts: Leaders in Production

New Zealand Opens Coastline To Increase Superyacht Charter

A new process announced in New Zealand in time for the country’s cruising season significantly streamlines the process for superyachts chartering in New Zealand waters. The new procedure works with New Zealand’s existing TIE - temporary import entry - making provision for superyachts to charter, undertake private cruises and complete refit work within the Pacific nation.

Charter work must make up less than 65% of the superyacht’s time within New Zealand waters and NZ Customs requires a declaration from the vessel's owner to satisfy them the yacht will not stay in New Zealand for longer than 24 months.

New Zealand’s TIE means yachts can stay in the country for up to 24 months to enjoy to the fullest its cruising, refit and charter potential. Superyachts in New Zealand waters holding the TIE will enjoy zero GST rating for goods and services for the yacht, (except while under actual charter), and crews’ qualifications can be cross credited to New Zealand qualifications by Maritime NZ.

The move comes at the end of a year which has seen New Zealand make considerable moves to promote New Zealand’s charter prospects to superyachts seeking an edge in the charter market. New Zealand’s agents are well-versed in the new process and will be instrumental in helping yachts streamline their entry and charter process. 

Photo Gallery:

  • New Zealand Opens Coastline To Increase Superyacht Charter

BYS & Fraser Yachts Sell M/Y Four Wishes

Steelhead Marine Launch “Optimised” Passerelle for Superyachts

Steelhead Marine, the Canada-based manufacturers of yacht cranes and davits, launche...

Editors Comments: Week Ending 02/01/2015

And even though this notion of industry achievement is our own small way of summarising the year, it’s my personal duty to highlight the things we’ve done and offer thanks to those who supported us in delivering these reports.

We began the year with the continuation of our own Top 100 Forecast Press Day and Event and we’re already at the stage where preparation for the 2015 edition is coming to a close. It’s nothing short of exciting but more news will emerge in good time.

Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show was then our first port of call in regards to the year’s travel schedule and it is always a welcome way to start the year. The film team and I documented the early signs of the American re-emergence and watched it grow throughout the year.

It was then a matter of travelling to China in order to gain an insight into the burgeoning market which was quickly gathering a lot of attention from the global superyacht industry. The Hainan Rendez-Vous was an eye-opening look into the world of the Asian high-net-worth and we’re looking forward to returning to the show in 2015 to see how the market has progressed.

After this - not insubstantial – trip, it was time for the annual HISWA Yacht Valley Press Tour around The Netherlands and a time of the year I look forward to greatly. Visiting the shipyards across the region to discuss each and every project underway is an essential tool for journalists who rely on travel and an amazing initiative in its own right.

While an undoubtedly bias notion, I can’t help but offer the notion of my own personal highlight of year as a travelling writer was flying to witness the ground-breaking of the new marina in Christophe Harbour, St Kitts. Seeing what was about to be created and experiencing everything that the small Kittitian island had to offer was an excellent renewal of energy in the middle of the year and I will be following the story until the very end.

Our film team has the very same notion toward the Pacific Northwest, an enviable trip which saw them travel and document the work going on across the shipyards of the region as well as dedicating their time to create a Destination Guide for Yachts International Magazine.

After the headline journeys of the year, it was time for the Monaco Yacht Show. An event which essentially makes up a lot of the DNA of our entire year as it was where we founded the Breaking News Centre in 2010 and I have had the pleasure of watching it evolve over four successful years.

With the intense run-up, hectic show schedule and a short break after Monaco, we headed back to America for the 55th Fort Lauderdale Boat Show; a show which is always close to the heart of our office which is almost exclusively inhabited by Americaphiles.

In order to swerve the inevitable rambling tone I’ll create trying to fit everyone in, I will say this: it’s been an incredible year which has given the team and I a lot to build on - and to everyone who has sat down with us for an interview, supported us, hosted us, clicked on to our site and continued to provide us with updates; thank you and Happy New Year from the entire Team.

Photo Gallery:

  • Editors Comments: Week Ending 02/01/2015

Editors Comments: Week Ending 26/12/2014

Much like our selection of the stories which shaped 2014, this is our personal choice of the focal moments in our year which offered a great insight into the charter community.

From the day we stepped on board Solandge in the midst of the Monaco summer, to the incredible week I spent basking in the Kittian paradise at Christophe Harbour in St Kitts; our editorial charter calendar has given us a fantastic insight into numerous lifestyles this year and we thank everyone who helped us achieve an amazing string of charter features.

Other than that, I have the pleasure of offering you all a very happy holiday season and would like to wish our readers, supporters and subscribers a peaceful and well-earned few days of rest. Until 2015! 

Photo Gallery:

  • Editors Comments: Week Ending 26/12/2014

The 2014 Round Up

There are always a series of important calendar moments within the year, such as the Monaco Yacht Show, The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show alongside emerging shows such as the Hainan Rendez-Vous and established industry events like the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show which have helped provide vital industry movement across the decades.

However, as we already provide video round ups for these events – including our very own annual Top 100 Forecast Launch held in conjunction with Y.CO - this is our detailed look at the movements across the industry which provided us with an insight into the evolution of the superyacht industry.

New Launches
This year has provided us with a fleet of large yacht launches, new and innovative projects and incredible vessels hitting the water. Ocean Victory’s delivery is the most recent successful movement in the new launch category, and confirmed Fincantieri’s position in the global yacht builder’s elite as well as the Top 100 Largest Yachts in the World.

Other Top 100 movements over the year which grabbed the world’s attention included Azzam’s maiden voyage at the close of the year, with launch of Kusch Yachts’ V853; the launch of the Y710 from Oceanco; Lurssen Yacht’s unveiling of Quantum Blue, Project Green, and Kismet; CRN’s launch of Yalla and Saramour; Abeking & Rasmussen’s launch of KIBO as well as Oceanco’s successful delivery of Equanimity.

While these new yachts highlight the large yacht construction industry’s move forward into the future, a whole legion of launches took place across all size ranges within the industry with Benetti’s launch of Illusion V, The Veloce 140 and Formosa; Heesen’s prolific launch and delivery list of Elena, Alive, Monaco Wolf, Sky, Azuro and Galatea; Perini Navi’s latest sailing and motor yacht combination of Grace E and Perseus³; Feadship’s Como and ROCK.IT as well as the Rossi Navi Polaris only the tip of the iceberg.

Latest Designs & Projects
With one side of the industry providing prolific launches across the globe, the other side is creating renewed projects for expected launches over the coming years.

The primary projects which caught our attention and highlighted the gradually returning strength of the new build sector were present across the year. This notion was recently illustrated by Moran Yacht & Ship’s abounding activity list, headed up by the signed contracts for new projects Palo Alto and Project Thor.

This new build project list was also augmented with announcements from Benetti, who simultaneously signed two new contracts for two yachts over 100m, the new Rossi Navi project signed at FLIBS and the unveiling of the 100m Dubois and Royal Huisman contract rightly dubbed ‘The Beast'.

However, as new projects move toward the yard, new projects must come forth; and with key projects such as Blohm+Voss’ renewed style emerging in the form of the stunning BV80 and the highly-acclaimed Zaha Hadid concepts; CRN’s recent presentation of two new designs with Francesco Paszkowski; the emerging presence of Pride Mega Yachts thanks to the scheduled launch of Illusion and the new Tomorrow concept and Nauta Yachts’ presentation of the 165m Project which depicts their next step after Azzam.

This list only sums up a small part of the industry movement which caught our attention this year and symbolizes projects we look forward to following in the future. There are simply too many stories from across the industry that shaped the year to mention; however I would like to personally thank those who helped us deliver these stories, joined us for any interviews, supported us, helped us host events and invited us to witness their milestones.

We haven’t even mentioned our long running list of interviews conducted in the official Breaking News Centre, on location and on board the world’s most amazing superyachts over the year; however, there is much more to come across 2015 with exciting news from us as well as undoubtedly ground-breaking announcements from the industry.

Happy Holidays from the Team. 

Photo Gallery:

  • The 2014 Round Up
  • The 2014 Round Up
  • The 2014 Round Up
  • The 2014 Round Up
  • The 2014 Round Up

SuperYachtsMonaco Offer Their 2014 Break Down

From your point of view, is the global brokerage market in a state of equal returning strength or is it a case of certain regions facing a surge in activity?
“From a sales perspective; just as there are dips in certain regions so we see surges too,” explains Jim Evans. “Overall we note a resurgent market ‎'globally' but without doubt we already see negative impact as a result of the Ukraine crisis. We have no "PEP" clients, no sanctioned names and we note that the higher calibre clients from Russia and former Soviet bloc countries tend to have liquidity that is not inaccessible to them and as a result our business remains robust. We expect to see some direct impact during 2015 but the lasting damage of the current crisis will be stunting of the growth that has been enjoyed by the expanding middle classes in CIS states. That market segment which was blossoming so well is likely to now regress by several years.”

“I answer as a Charter Broker and it is clear to see that the US back on form and chartering yachts,” adds Chris Craven. “I have but a few Russian and Arab clients however it is evident that there is more caution from the Russian’s right now and when they do charter, they do all they can to keep it as discreet as possible, especially internally within their infrastructure. It is good to see the Far East getting more involved in the business especially the ‘elite’ of Singapore who seem to be popping their heads above water. Let’s hope the Big Red Flag follows suit."

How do you believe Europe has faced up against the US Market?
"On the sales side we deal more with other regions than the U.S. which makes it difficult to comment in any detail,” adds Jim. “Certainly we are aware that the U.S. Market has been strong over the last 12 months but we have also had significant successes within Europe over the same period.”

“Behind and with their focus on the wrong part of the equation,” continues Chris. “The US spender is less ‘deal’ orientated and more ‘service’ orientated so happy to spend that extra buck on a fantastic yacht and crew. Quite rightly. The Europeans are still procrastinating over the percentage deal and as such….losing time and therefore that slightly better yacht and crew which the US charterer is snapping up. You get what you pay for in Yacht Charter WITHOUT DOUBT. Trust your broker and get on with it.”

What notable sales and charter movements have you announced this year?
“We are reticent to become a statistic!," says Jim, "but we will say that our second hand boat sales have been strong this year and under SYM we have various exciting new building in current production and exciting future prospects for 2015.”

“We have the charter management of 2 outstanding yachts," adds Chris. "2008 47m Heesen, exceptionally high-spec yacht Mon Plaisir and what will serve to be a top charter yacht of the East Med in 2015, a 2013 47m CNB Orient Star.”

Do you believe growing activity will continue forward into 2015?
“Yes - the balance of wealth or liquidity shifts continually but in general the client base gets larger in numbers and stronger in terms of total Net worth.” Adds Jim.

What are the focal charter destinations you’ve seen across the year?
“Demand for Spain was unprecedented this year,” explains Chris. “The Spanish really need to sort out their act as there are billions of Euros ready to be spent on the Spanish economy!”

What have been your highlight moments of 2014?
“The expansion of our offices signals a very exciting development for the company,” says Jim. “We are focused on quiet but steady growth and we are achieving it.”

“Professionally - Heesen Ski Trip,” explains Chris. “They know how to do it in both yacht building and hospitality.”

What has been the best feedback you’ve received over the year?
"I would rather deal with you than ‎the lunatic I just put the phone down with - (shall remain nameless)” - Jim Evans

“A huge great ‘Thank you’ from a client after pulling him out of a very bad situation…while most expect it, he said ‘Thank You’!” - Chris Craven

How does your sales and charter fleet illustrate the evolution of the SYM brand?
“It is expanding with quality stock," concludes Chris "…Need I say more?”

Photo Gallery:

  • SuperYachtsMonaco Offer Their Break Down Of 2014
  • SuperYachtsMonaco Offer Their Break Down Of 2014

Editors Comments: Week Ending 19/12/2014

We spoke to SuperYachtsMonaco this week in order to hear their expert opinion of the year’s brokerage and charter activities from their perspective. Jim Evans and Chris Craven both offered up a strong insight into their movements and the effects that have played a hand on the markets this year, a story we recommend reading – if only for their favourite feedback moments from the year.

The Visun Group has continued to offer us an insight into the burgeoning Asian market, and it’s given us something very different to look forward to next year as we prepare to return to Sanya for look at how the market has evolved.

Even though most of the industry is taking a break over winter, we’ll still be offering up news every Monday and Thursday via our newsletters. You can expect to see more Luxury Stories from our Luxury Editor and Director combination Paul Joseph and Shari Liu, whilst I’ll be looking at the best charter stories from the year as well as a complete 2014 Round Up on New Year’s Day.

Until then, the entire team would like to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season as well as extend our sincere thanks to all our readers, supports, collaborators and sponsors.

Photo Gallery:

  • Editors Comments: Week Ending 19/12/2014

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