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AMELS' Madame Kate: Revolutionary Illumination

The idea originated from the owner’s passion for automobiles, such as the Bianco Isis of Lamborghini. “The owner had in mind a yacht which would be very special to him, he also wanted a yacht that would be different from all other yachts in terms of design,” says Owner representative Benoit Faure. “This factor of recognition was very important to him.”

The first stages of the brief presented paint options which have been introduced to yachts already on the water, until another, more ambitious, option arose to use a custom pearl paint with a lavish finish. Created by the in-house AMELS paint experts, this paint is nothing short of striking. “This is a pure pearl - not metallic - effect,” explains AMELS Paint Manager Arie Springvloet Dubbeld. “The pearlescent optical effect works like Isaac Newton’s prism, you have different colours in one colour. Pearlescent is basically the next step after metallic paints. You get a very elegant and refined effect.

Spraying the pearl on such a large surface area is a job for real experts, particularly on curvaceous and flowing Tim Heywood lines that require continuous sprays. “If you make a mistake in the pearl, like a runner, or fish eyes or dust inclusion or whatever, you have to go right back to the base system - in this case a snow white top coat - and then start all over again. So any mistake, you’ll have to redo the entire job.”

Not satisfied with a ground-breaking paint finish on top of pedigree design, the owner also worked with AMELS to install a complex lighting system. According to Faure, the owner wanted the boat to be in the spotlight, like a star at the Cannes Film Festival, thanks to sophisticated lighting - above and below the waterline - with the ability to change colours.

“The lighting in general was part of the quest for the boat. And on top of that, the paint finish of the boat became even more important. When you illuminate your boat at night, if it has a special colour, it’s even more beautiful. So we wanted special underwater lights, but also the biggest modification was to change the superstructure lighting.”

Due for delivery summer 2015, the effects of AMELS unparalleled attention to detail unfortunately can not be seen via online photos; however once this yacht is traversing the seas it will undoubtedly turn heads in the warm light of day with specialist lights making sure Madame Kate doesn’t go unnoticed once the sun goes down.

Commissioning and sea trials for Madame Kate are underway as scheduled, adding to the prolific builder’s impressive roster as AMELS has 10 new builds and one refit all on schedule as promised.

Photo Gallery:

  • AMELS' Madame Kate: Revolutionary Illumination

Denison Superyacht Division On La Pellegrina

La Pellegrina is undoubtedly one of the stand out additions to the MYBS fleet. Launched in 2012, her sleek and stylistic exterior profile is made from lightweight military-grade kevlar composite, impressing anyone walking the dock, while those who step on board will undoubtedly revel in the Jean Pierre Fantini interior.

For information on La Pellegrina, including an insight into US market activity, watch the above video with Bob Anslow.

Superyacht Victoria: The Pursuit Of Life Under Sail

“Victoria is the perfect combination of comfort and pleasure,” explains Victoria’s Captain Steve Ohlssen. “Spacious and well laid out, but open to the environment and pleasurable to sail for guests. For anyone who has never been on board a Perini Navi the marriage between large guest spaces on the interior and true sailing performance outside is extremely successful. The expansive flying bridge on Victoria is a key positive for the yacht. Certainly Perini yachts are made to the highest luxury yacht standards.”

Victoria is the first yacht in the Perini Navi Group’s 43m series and an example of expert yacht building. This all-aluminium high-performance sailing yacht is equipped with carbon fibre in-boom furling system, enormous sail areas and efficient weight saving construction which all ensure unparalleled performance on the water.

“People are drawn to Perini yachts for very personal reasons, but the positives for Victoria are that she has had a recent refit with a new Cristiano Gatto interior, as well as replacement rigging, paint and other major engineering overhauls,” Continues Captain Ohlssen. “She has a 5 cabin layout making her attractive in the charter market. Victoria’s owner is keen to sell her and move onto his next project so this is the right moment for serious Buyers to consider her.”

Available for sale through SuperYachtsMonaco, this 43.44m luxury yacht is a pedigree Perini Navi with hull lines from Ron Holland.

“What makes this yacht so special under sail is the ability for guests to enjoy a real sailing experience in exceptional comfort,” adds SYM Managing Director Jim Evans. “She is the perfect size for a family or charter yacht with a truly global reach. Many Perini owners undertake world or very extensive cruises and enjoy fantastic family bonding and on Victoria an Owner could move without restriction on this yacht.”

The owner has invested a significant amount in refitting the yacht over the last 2 years, with a brand-new interior by Cristiano Gatto, renewing her distinctively spacious living areas and lavish accommodations characteristic of Perini Navi yachts. Her new interior is filled with contrasting wood finishes and bold colours which make a sensational design statement, and provide a beautiful home on the water for up to ten guests across two twin berth Cabins, two Queen Cabins and one gorgeous Master Cabin.

For more information on this incredible example of world-class sailing, click here to get in touch with SuperYachtsMonaco.

Noell Vawter On The U.S. Superyacht Sector

Sat on board Happy Hour, the 116’ Azimut built in 2004, it was immediately clear that Noell Vawter - an expert in the economics surrounding the superyacht industry thanks to his tenure as a leading broker - understands the market status better than anyone.

Watch the above video for Noell Vawter’s view on the market activity across the U.S. and South America as well as the contributing factors at play.

Editors Comments: Week Ending 20/02/2015

The launch, which took place on Saturday 14th, follows two more launches from Feadship which took place at the start of 2015. While the previous launches were groundbreaking in every way, Kiss may have been smaller, but it was just as significant.

The story behind Kiss is linked in a number of ways to the 46.22m Como launched in 2014. Como made a big impact at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show and single-handedly proved that size is not the only factor in high-quality yacht building - with Kiss now reaffirming that fact.

Last weekend was not only the setting for Feadship’s third launch in 2015, but also the 27th Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show. Our team returned with a sense of positivity while industry experts joined us to not only confirm the notion, but offer an insight into exactly what contributors are at play.

For a closer look at the 27th Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show, follow the links to take a look at our Round Up, or interviews with Denison Yacht Sales, Worth Avenue Yachts and Fraser Yachts.

Fraser Yachts On A New Era Of Confidence In The US

2015 is set to be a positive continuation from last year’s success in regards to sales strength from across not only the US Market, but Europe as well. Build sales continue to grow in strength, the brokerage market is steady and a renewed confidence is circulating the high-net-worth community.

For more information on the US market from Fraser Yachts’ Commercial Director for the US, watch the above video.

Denison Yacht Sales On La Pellegrina's Unique Style

La Pellegrina is undoubtedly one of the stand out additions to the MYBS fleet. Launched in 2012, her sleek and stylistic exterior profile is made from lightweight military-grade kevlar composite, impressing anyone walking the dock, while those who step on board will undoubtedly revel in the Jean Pierre Fantini interior.

For information on La Pellegrina, including an insight into US market activity, watch the above video with Bob Anslow.

Photo Gallery:

  • Denison Yacht Sales On La Pellegrina's Unique Style
  • Denison Yacht Sales On La Pellegrina's Unique Style
  • Denison Yacht Sales On La Pellegrina's Unique Style

Y.CO Team Take On Head North Polar Expedition

Co-Founders Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett and Director Yacht Management Yves Damette will be joined on the headnorth challenge by members of the 2003 Rugby World Cup-winning team, Lewis Moody MBE Danny Grewcock MBE and Josh Lewsey MBE. Three Royal Marines will accompany the group, including expedition leader, accomplished polar explorer Alan Chambers MBE FRGS. As 2015 is a World Cup year with England as host, the participation of three World Cup winners including the last Captain makes this one of this year’s most significant fundraising ventures. 

Through headnorth, the team aims to raise in excess of £250,000. The total funds raised will be divided equally between two charities that help those with head injuries and brain tumours and members of the military who have suffered in service: the Lewis Moody Foundation and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF).

The Lewis Moody Foundation raises funds to establish the UK’s first BioBank for brain tumours, a scientific facility for biological data that will improve the development of treatment and cures, supported by The Brain Tumour Charity and Cancer Research UK. The Foundation also helps families affected by serious illness, offering one-off experiences for children and their families. The RMCTF provides a better quality of life to serving and retired Royal Marines and their families, and helps the wounded and injured, particularly as the most severely injured begin their transition into civilian life.

This challenge also marks the launch of our partnership with the GREAT Britain campaign, a UK government initiative that showcases the best that Britain has to offer. Y.CO will join the ‘Adventure is GREAT’ element of the campaign. Y.CO is one of the only superyacht companies in the GREAT Britain campaign, and will engage in promoting UK-registered companies to the rest of the world, and, crucially, to emerging markets.

The idea for headnorth was inspired by the Y.CO team’s passion for adventure, constant search for the ultimate challenge, and commitment to corporate social responsibility. The team is also taking on headnorth to inspire the superyacht industry to focus more on charitable ventures and to create an avenue for it to do so. In addition, Gary, Charlie and Yves want to encourage the Y.CO team to take on extreme challenges, move beyond their comfort zone and embrace adventure at every opportunity.

The trek traverses over 100km of shifting sea ice and is a huge challenge for all involved. After acclimatisation in the relative civilisation of Ice Camp Barneo, the team will trek for 10 days northwards, to Latitude 90° North, a total distance of around 100km, 60 nautical miles. This journey is one of the most extreme tests of physical and psychological endurance that humans can experience. The group will battle over a constantly moving ice flow through an unpredictable polar climate pulling sledges weighing 60kg. Temperatures are between -25 and -50ºC depending on wind chill.

Charlie Birkett, Co-Founder and CEO of Y.CO, said: “CSR is very important to Y.CO, and we always encourage our team to help those less fortunate. By taking on the headnorth, challenge, we want to inspire the industry to engage more in charitable ventures, and encourage our team to embrace challenges and support those in desperate need. We are also privileged to be part of the GREAT Britain campaign and look forward to promoting Y.CO and other UK companies to the rest of the world.”

Christophe Harbour: New Caribbean Superyacht Hub Opens

Led by superyacht owner and real estate developer Charles 'Buddy' Darby, this new homeport is a $100 million infrastructure investment that immediately establishes St. Kitts as part of the popular yacht cruising circuit that includes Antigua, St. Maarten, and St. Barths.

This first phase of the marina includes 24 alongside 150 to 220-foot berths that offer rare freehold berth ownership opportunities and are open for 85 to 300-foot transient vessels. At full build-out, a shore-side village with restaurants, boutiques, and hotels will compliment the marina.

“The arrival of The Marina at Christophe Harbour comes at a time when the yachting industry is stronger than it has been in years,” said Darby. “New yacht builds are up, charter business is booming, and there is a real appetite for new destinations like St. Kitts and Nevis that provide unique experiences. The Federation clearly understands the impact of the yachting industry and has positioned itself to maximize that potential.”

The marina features a professionally engineered entry and turning basin, and is a designated point of entry with onsite-expedited clearance. Homeporting yachts will benefit from a port with ample marina facilities and safe harbour. As a superyacht owner, Darby and his team designed the marina knowing the needs and desires of yacht owners and crews. That includes offering significantly reduced bunkering costs due to no duties on the import or sale of fuel, 24/7 security, provisioning services, state-of-the-art pedestals, and a dock engineered to set the standard for future marinas.

“Proximity to so many Eastern Caribbean islands, a skilled team on the ground, and SALT Plage seaside bar within walking distance to the marina really makes Christophe Harbour an ideal place to homeport,” said former superyacht captain Aeneas Hollins who is now Christophe Harbour’s Director of Yachting. “A modern airport that can accommodate large aircraft and a private jet terminal both just 15 minutes away means ease of access for beginning and ending a charter.”

During this inaugural season, three nights of complimentary dockage will be available for vessels measuring 85’-300’. The Marina at Christophe Harbour is part of the larger resort community that features luxury single-family real estate properties and a members-only club. The Caribbean’s first Park Hyatt hotel and future Tom Fazio golf course are also under construction and will add even more incredible dimensions to what could be a new global superyacht hub set against the background of a truly beautiful island.

Click here to get a closer insight into our trip to Christophe Harbour in 2014.

Miami Yacht Show 2015: An Evening On La Pellegrina

Over 120 guests were welcomed on board to a wine-tasting display by Chateau d’Esclans’ own Paul Chevalier as well as cold Champagne Bligny circulating the decks of the 50m Couach FLY 5000 superyacht. For guests looking for something a little different, Charles Daucourt and Jean Marc Daucourt served Bastille Whiskey while Juliet Vodka completed the spectrum of sophistication on offer at La Pellegrina’s bar.

Notable attendees included Bob Denison, Jonathan and Criselda Breene, Leonardo Davalos, Pedro Maal, Gary and Dana Shear, Ross and Erika Baldwin, Elaine Spottswood of Faro Blanco, Nikki Martin, Omar Mangalji, Matt Zinger and Lucho Loboguerrero.

While increased activity swept the US brokerage market, the 2015 Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show has been touted as a notable success and the evening on board La Pellegrina was the perfect way to celebrate the ongoing positivity across the US superyacht industry.

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